Monday, January 1, 2018

Body Butter Sale for the New Year!

Start 2018 off with moisturized skin!  Body Butters are 20% off for a limited time.
Handmade in small batches from all natural ingredients~ mostly organic, nothing synthetic.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Shop for Aromatherapy & Natural Remedies!

That's right!  Purchase any combination of any of the above items/categories
and shipping is only $2.75 in the U.S.  Purchase one of those items
or 20 of them and shipping is still just $2.75

12 Different Lip Balm Flavors, Lip Balm Gift Sets, Lip Gloss Gift Sets,
8 Aromatherapy Roll-Ons, 10 Aromatherapy Inhalers,
2 Natural Remedy Roll-Ons, 1 oz Tins of  Lavender & Calendula Salve,
1 oz Jars of Baby Butter and Body Butter
1 oz Jars of Natural Remedy Butters
Bug Away Butter Bars & Bug Bite Relief Sticks
Lots to choose from so be sure to browse all the shop sections.

In addition, if you purchase any other items in my shop, (Lotions, 2-4 oz Body Butter, etc)
all of these smaller items listed above will ship for free with your order.

Have any questions?  Please feel free to contact me. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Lip Gloss Trio Gift Set

Starting your Christmas shopping early? Need a quick little gift for a friend, teacher, co-worker? How about my little lip gloss trio?

Moisturize and nourish your lips with this organic, all natural lip gloss trio.
Cinnamon ~ Orange, Spearmint, and Tangerine Lip Gloss

All Natural, Unrefined Ingredients, Mostly Organic
Nothing Artificial, No Dyes, No Synthetics

Available {here}

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Holiday Spice Lotion

I've been offering this Holiday Spice Lotion at the weekly market and it's liked by many.
It has such a warm yummy Autumn scent!  Available for a limited time.
Get yours {here}

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Herbal Skin Calming Butter ~ It's Great for Eczema

Available {here}

Anyone who struggles with eczema or other itchy, irritating skin issues knows how frustrating it can be to find relief. I've developed an herbal balm made with all natural, unrefined organic and wild crafted ingredients- Nothing synthetic to worry about!

Made with nourishing and skin soothing butters, flower infused oils, and essential oils.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Herbal Salves- Calendula & Lavender

Lavender Salve, Calendula Salve & Calendula Ointment

What's the difference between my Lavender Salve and my two Calendula Salves?

All three are made with basic organic ingredients: Flowers, Jojoba Wax or Olive Oil, and Beeswax. 
Take a look below to see how they're each made.

Lavender Salve

The Lavender Salve is made with fresh lavender grown in my garden.  The flowers are infused into Jojoba Wax giving a nice subtle lavender scent.  The jojoba is then blended with beeswax to make the salve.

Calendula Salve

My Calendula Salve is made by infusing calendula flowers into olive oil.  Once infused, the oil has a brighter tint and a lighter scent.  Then the infused oil is blended with beeswax and poured into tins.  

Calendula Ointment

My Calendula Ointment is made the same as my Calendula Salve, however I add essential oils to the ointment to make it a little more potent for healing cuts and scrapes.


My salves and ointment are an excellent alternative to petroleum based products.  Useful for soothing minor bumps, bruises, small cuts & scrapes and minor skin irritations, they are the perfect addition to your natural first aid kit.  And they're great for cuticles too!

Available in both of my shops~   ArtYah  &  Etsy

Monday, July 24, 2017

Natural Remedy Massage Lotions

Available in the shop {here}

Finally!  Last week I finally had the chance to mix and bottle some lotion blends to list in the shop. These blends are a natural, effective way to support 4 common concerns using an alternative to OTC medications.  Essential oils were chosen for their therapeutic properties and synergistic relationship to one another to create these wonderful blends.  The lotion base contains 89% organic ingredients and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.  I have personally used these blends as well as clients and family members and everyone reports excellent results.

~~Happy Belly Lotion~~
When you've over-indulged at the dinner table, Happy Belly Massage Lotion can help ease the discomforts of digestion.  Simply massage the lotion onto the abdomen and low back after eating or as needed.
Available in 2 oz bottle {here}

~~Sleepy Legs Lotion~~
For calming muscle spasms and helping to relax the body overall. It offers sleep support as well as relief from the aches and spasms associated with Restless Leg Syndrome.
Simply massage Sleepy Legs Lotion onto legs and feet at bedtime.
Available in 2 oz bottle {here} and 4 oz bottle {here}

~~Sore Muscles Massage Lotion~~
For easing muscle aches from overuse and minor injury. Whether you had a tough workout at the gym or strained a little too hard moving heavy furniture, Sore Muscles Massage Lotion can help ease the discomfort.  Simply massage the lotion onto the area of concern several times daily as needed.
Available in 2 oz bottle {here}

~~Women's PMS Belly Lotion~~
For calming muscle spasms and helping to relax the body overall and reduce aches and pains. As an added benefit, it offers sleep support as well.
Simply massage Women's PMS Belly Lotion onto abdomen and low back several times daily as needed.
Available in 2 oz bottle {here} and 4 oz bottle {here}