Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Valentine's Day Gifts

Have you ordered a gift for your Valentine?  There's still time!
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Friday, February 2, 2018

My Favorite Essential Oil Source

🌺I often get asked, "Which brand of essential oils do you use?" And I always answer the same, "I order from Aromatics International".
It's the company that I trust and have been using for 3 years. They are a family owned business in Montana who work alongside Aromahead Institute to source their essential oils worldwide. Each batch of oil is tested for purity and therapeutic quality. And they share those test results right on their website-for each and every bottle of oil!  While creating blends for my retail products, I use these test results to determine the best oils to use for my products.
You can read more of Aromatics International's story on their "About" page. If you use my referral link, we'll both receive a $10 credit to apply to our next order. 
Click {HERE} to visit AI website

Do you want to learn more about the safe uses of essential oils and learn how you can become a certified aromatherapist?  There's a FREE upcoming webinar from Andrea, founder of Aromahead Institute.  Click {HERE} to register for the webinar.